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Properly investigating suspected bribery and corruption helps businesses meet legal obligations and reduce business risk. Access practical guidance on how to conduct an effective internal investigation. Learn about the role of whistleblower protections in the investigation process and the duty of directors and officers to investigate when potentially serious issues are brought to their attention.

When allegations of fraud or corruption arise, it is important to undertake a prompt and thorough investigation. This short 'how to' guide outlines the key steps to make an investigation effective. Be sure to also consider the 'whistleblowing' section of this site for more recent developments in obligations relating to whistleblowers.

This detailed instruction manual for investigating corruption allegations can guide you through the internal investigation process. It is designed for investigations in the public sector, but the same principles will apply for internal investigations of fraud or corruption issues in the private sector. The 'whistleblowing' section of this site provides up to date guidance on recent developments in obligations relating to whistleblowers.

There are many layers to remediating bribery and corruption issues, including: identifying root causes, addressing weaknesses in systems and processes, imposing consequences on the people who have done the wrong thing, putting commercial relationships onto the right footing and paying reparations where appropriate. This incident response map works through some of the key issues related to a remediation response.

As Australia's corporate, markets and financial services regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is cable of receiving reports of misconduct. This resource outlines how ASIC assesses reports of misconduct, what it does with such reports, how it communicates with a person who makes a misconduct report, and other issues including confidentiality and whistleblowing. It also includes a link on how to report misconduct to ASIC.

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