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Bribery and corruption risks are always evolving and should be monitored regularly. Access resources to help you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your organisation’s anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures. Discover how to monitor, review and adapt your business’ response to changing risks and circumstances, particularly when entering new commercial and regulatory environments.

Design and operationalise compliance monitoring systems using the practical guidance provided in this resource. The article unpacks why compliance systems should be monitored, who should monitor, what should be monitored and how this can be done. Practical steps to designing and testing business compliance programs are provided as part of three broad monitoring stages.

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The Austrade 'Monitoring and Review' fact sheet helps businesses to understand what internal and external mechanisms can be used to assess the effectiveness of their bribery prevention policies and procedures. Ensure your organisation has adequate measures in place to meet stakeholder expectations and comply with regulatory frameworks. Know what records should be kept and when policies and procedures may need to be adjusted.