Transparency International Australia highlights bribery and corruption risks during a global crisis

Posted on October 7, 2020

Transparency International Australia understands that any crisis can see an increase in bribery, corruption, fraud and misconduct, and the Covid-19 pandemic is no different. Disruption, uncertainty and distraction contribute to an environment in which corrupt actors can take advantage of a crisis for their own benefit. The dedicated landing page will keep you informed of trends and challenges.

Around the world, government responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency have been mixed, but some corruption risks are common.

  • Lack of accountability control and oversight of economic stimulus packages.
  • Procurement and compliance risks, as contracts are awarded without open tender processes and risk assessment.
  • Press freedom and whistleblower protection under threat, as governments seek to control messaging and information.
  • Rule of law compromised, when governments grant and take advantage of new executive and emergency powers.
  • Business Integrity at risk, as companies seek to cut costs, wind back due diligence and risk-assessment practices and pursue opportunistic bail outs.

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