Audit and renewable energy featured in the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group in 2022

Posted on December 22, 2022

The role of audit in combatting corruption and emerging risks in the renewable energy sector were key issues considered by the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group in 2022 under Indonesia’s G20 presidency and co-chaired by Australia.

Role of audit in tackling corruption

Internal and external audits can help businesses develop and improve their anti-bribery and corruption systems. Businesses operating in higher risk jurisdictions or sectors should consider conducting regular internal anti-corruption audits. These can help to uncover hidden risks and identify new risks that may have emerged since an initial assessment was carried out.

Find out how audit can help prevent bribery from occurring in your business operations by accessing BPN resources on audit here. Access the G20 ACWG’s High-level Principles on Enhancing the Role of Auditing in Tackling Corruption here.

Emerging risks in the renewable energy sector

Renewable electricity generation in Australia has more than doubled over the last decade[1] and a move to ‘leaner, cleaner and greener’ technologies has been identified as a global megatrend[2]. The G20 ACWG has recognised that an urgent need to move towards net-zero targets, combined with the significant scale and pace of funding and capital investments, may create a potential risk of corruption, including domestic and foreign bribery related to renewable energy projects.

With critical minerals being a key component in the development of renewable energy technologies and OECD finding that one in five cases of foreign bribery occurs in the extractives sector[3], bribery risks in renewable energy projects should not be underestimated.

Risk assessments will continue to be a vital tool for businesses operating in the renewable energy sector. The BPN Hub provides resources to assist businesses in conducting risk assessments here. Access the G20 ACWG’s Background Note on Mitigating Corruption Risks in Renewable Energy here.

BPN featured in G20 ACWG compendium of good practices

The BPN was pleased to feature in a G20 ACWG side-event on multi-stakeholder approaches to corruption in September 2022, and in the G20 ACWG’s compendium of good practices relating to public participation and anti-corruption education.  You can read more about the side event here and access the compendium of good practices here.

Access all 2022 G20 ACWG deliverables relating to audit, renewable energy, anti-money laundering and public participation and anti-corruption education and as well as the 2022 Accountability Report on corruption in sport and in customs here

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