How does Australia measure up against key G20 Anti-Corruption priorities of 2022?

Posted on December 22, 2022

In 2022, the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group focused on the role of audit in tackling corruption, emerging risks in the renewable energy sector, anti-money laundering and public participation and anti-corruption education.

How do Australia and other G20 countries measure up in relation to these key issues?

Accountability Lab, a C20 partner of the G20 ACWG, has created infographics that provide information on G20 countries’ frameworks and activities relating to these issues, including indicators of good practices and areas for improvement.

These infographics can be used alongside other risk assessment tools to assist businesses in assessing bribery and corruption risk as part of their overseas operations. Access the infographics here.

You can access further risk assessment resources on the BPN Hub, including country risk profiles and risk assessment templates, here.

For more information about key priorities of the G20 ACWG, access our previous Hub post here.

Accountability Lab was founded in 2012 as an effort to work with young people to develop and promote new ideas for accountability, transparency and open government.