VIDEO: How foreign bribery undermines democracy and human rights

Posted on December 21, 2021

Earlier this month, Transparency International and the Global Democracy Coalition Forum co-hosted a panel discussion in recognition of International Anti-Corruption Day, How foreign bribery undermines democracy and human rights: Why more enforcement is needed and victims’ rights should be recognised. The discussion explored the negative impact of foreign bribery on democracy and human rights and the need to remedy the harm to the victims.

The discussion shines a light on the often overlooked fact that it is the residents who pay the ultimate price when foreign bribery takes place in their country. Bribery harms their economy, state institutions, public services, public health and their safety.

Moderated by Transparency International Australia CEO and the Bribery Prevention Network’s Serena Lillywhite, the discussion brought together anti-bribery and corruption experts from around the world including representatives from the OECD, the United Nations and Transparency International. The panel highlighted examples of the harm caused by foreign bribery and brought proposals for how this can be recognised and the victims compensated.

Access resources on remediating bribery and human rights related harm here.