Voluntary OECD surveys seeking input on anti-corruption compliance

Posted on March 28, 2022

The OECD is currently seeking responses to the following surveys on anti-corruption prevention and awareness-raising with private sector stakeholders.

The responses will assist the OECD in ensuring its studies, findings and recommendations are relevant and useful to the private sector – particularly in respect of companies doing business offshore. 

These surveys are entirely voluntary and will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential by the OECD.

Survey 1

Have your anti-corruption compliance practices been impacted since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis?

This survey is targeted at all companies –

Survey 2

As an SME, how do you approach corruption risks, anti-corruption compliance, and how do you interact with government or other business organisations and peak bodies on corruption risks and anti-corruption compliance?

This survey is targeted at SMEs only –

Survey 3

As a business organisation or peak body, how do you understand the SMEs within your organisation consider corruption risks, and what initiatives do you have in place to engage with those SMEs on this topic?

This survey is targeted at business organisations and peak bodies –

The deadline for completion of all surveys is this Friday 1 April.