Recent foreign bribery case highlights importance of self-reporting

Posted on September 9, 2022

Self-reporting is a significant first step in addressing suspected bribery.

Self-reporting can help to limit corporate criminal liability and protect your business’ reputation. There can also be requirements to report to regulators, the ASX and other entities.

In Australia, the recent foreign bribery case of R v Jacobs Group demonstrates how courts may take a self-report into account and the significance of an early self-report and cooperation in showing remorse, contrition and prospects for rehabilitation.

This guide from the Australian Federal Police sets out the importance of self-reporting and the practical steps for companies to self-report possible criminal conduct. It covers when to report, what information to include in the report, and the AFP’s investigation process.

Read the AFP guide here: Companies – Self-reporting and cooperating | Australian Federal Police (

Further resources on self-reporting are available here: Reporting – Bribery Prevention Network

You can also read our recent real-life foreign bribery case study here: Case Study | Real-life Australian foreign bribery prosecution