Voluntary OECD surveys seeking input on anti-corruption compliance

Posted on March 28, 2022

The OECD is currently seeking responses to the following surveys on anti-corruption prevention and awareness-raising with private sector stakeholders. The responses will assist the OECD in ensuring its studies, findings and recommendations are relevant and useful to the private sector – particularly in respect of companies doing business offshore.  These surveys are entirely voluntary and Continue reading

Event: 2022 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

Posted on March 25, 2022

Next week, the 2022 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum will be held virtually over three days from 30 March to 1 April 2022. The forum will bring together stakeholders across policy communities to discuss how creating different frameworks could resolve longstanding challenges. This year’s event will focus on how we can renew governance, business, Continue reading

Blog: US Anti-Corruption Outlook for 2022

Posted on March 16, 2022

Prepared by Adam Lurie and Meredith Riley, Linklaters As the world continues to feel the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and grapple with a changing geo-political landscape, the new U.S. administration has begun to make its mark on the fight against corruption. It has announced revised policies and a renewed commitment to enforcement, as Continue reading

Australia’s increased enforcement against companies recognised by OECD

Posted on March 9, 2022

The OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions has recognised Australia’s increased enforcement of the foreign bribery offence against companies. In December 2021, Australia provided an update to the OECD Working Group on Australia’s progress implementing measures to strengthen enforcement as recommended during the Phase 4 evaluation cycle. The OECD Working Group noted Continue reading

2021 Corruption Perceptions Index released

Posted on January 27, 2022

Transparency International has released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2021, with Australia scoring its lowest result yet, ranking 18th in the world with a score of 73 out of 100. Since 2012, Australia’s score has dropped 12 points, and its rank in the global index has fallen 11 places (from 7th place in 2012). Of Continue reading

December BPN Update

Posted on December 21, 2021

The December BPN Update is here, just in time for the holiday season. Find out the latest news and events from the BPN, and learn more about the Bribery Prevention Hub in our ‘spotlight’ on case studies. Read here. Continue reading